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Are you ready for the Digital Economy?

Our Mission:

We help organizations to compete in the new, digital economy through Digital Transformation.


Salim Ladak is Director of AI/ML/Digital Solutions, previously Director of Learning & Consulting, and he is the founder of EQ How.  Starting from leadership development, Salim evolved services towards Digital Transformation to help organizations to compete in the new economy.

With strong client presence and skills in Learning, Consulting and Digital Transformation (Customer-centric Analytics, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Change Management), Salim brings over 20 years of experience across the following industries: Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Supply Chain (Mfg/CPG/Retail), Logistics, Financial Services (Insurance/Banking), Mobile/Telecom, Energy and the Public Sector.

Contact Us to explore opportunities.  In addition to our Consulting and Facilitation services, we support your Digital Transformation initiatives with Speakers, Workshops and Coaching.